The Recycle Rangers: Planet Protector Program challenges students and the school community to become active agents of change, finding new ways to protect the planet by using the 5 R’s –Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle/Compost.

Get involved:

  1. Book a Recycle Rangers Visit to your school!
    Our dynamic, multimedia puppet presentation is designed and curriculum-linked for Grade 3, 4 & 5 students. So book your free school visit today.
  2. Join the Passport Program!
    Register on our website to participate in our exciting new Passport Program! Engage in waste reduction activities and quests each month with your family and earn your Recycle Rangers badge. Start by completing the Community Curbside Challenge for your chance to win great prizes!
  3. Explore our website!
    Our website is full of “How to…” videos, teacher resources, curriculum-linked activities, lesson plans, worksheets and much more. Integrate waste reduction education into your home and classroom.

School highlights

This Year’s Theme is Electronics Recycling!

Waste electronics (e-waste) are the fastest growing segment in the solid waste stream in Ontario. Luckily, upwards of 90% of the parts that create these electronic products can be recycled.

The world of safe, electronics recycling can be confusing. So let us help you get started, book your visit with the Recycle Rangers today!