Curriculum Links

The Recycle Ranger: Planet Protectors Program has been designed to help teachers and schools provide students with rich learning opportunities that help them become environmentally active and responsible citizens, while at the same time meet multiple curriculum expectations.

Many teachers have found that the new environmental education curriculum, can feel daunting to integrate into their day-to-day teaching. The Recycle Rangers Program uses an integrated approach to help teachers meet their curriculum expectations while at the same time utilizes many of the techniques deemed most appropriate for cultivating environmental literacy and citizenship such as developing partnerships, education through action, harnessing a positive competitive spirit, having students and schools provide leadership and be the agents of change by becoming community ambassadors.

The Recycle Ranger: Planet Protectors Program provides a venue for elementary students to create an:

  • Understanding the earth’s physical and biological systems
  • Understanding how human systems are dependent on natural systems
  • Understanding the human dimensions of environmental issues
  • Understanding the positive and negative consequences, both intended and unintended of the interactions between human created and natural systems.

It also allows them to become active participants and agents of change by building positive relationships with the natural world.

The Recycle Ranger: Planet Protectors Program has been particularly designed to link with the grade 3, 4, 5 curriculums in Ontario. Please take a look at the big picture as well as specific ways the program is linked to particular grades.

Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5