Grade 4 Curriculum Links

Big Ecological Ideas for Grade 4

  1. Materials used in the production and disposal of the things we use have an impact on the environment.

Curriculum Expectations:
Environmental Education Opportunities in Grade 4

science & technology: Understanding Earth & Space Systems – Rocks & Minerals (2007)
1.1 assess the social/environmental costs/benefits of using objects in the built environment made from
rocks and minerals
1.2 analyse the impact on society and the environment of extracting and refining rocks and minerals for
human use, taking different perspectives into account

science & technology: Understanding Life Systems – Habitats & Communities (2007)
1.1 analyse the positive and negative impacts of human interactions with natural habitats and communities (e.g., human dependence on natural materials), taking different perspectives into account (e.g., the perspectives of a housing developer, a family in need of housing, an ecologist), and evaluate ways of minimizing the negative impacts
1.2 identify reasons for the depletion or extinction of a plant or animal species (e.g., hunting, disease, invasive species, changes in or destruction of its habitat), evaluate the impacts on the rest of the natural community, and propose possible actions for preventing such depletions or extinctions

social studies: Canada & World Connections – Canada’s Provinces, Territories, & Regions (2004)
name and locate the various physical regions, provinces, and territories of Canada and identify the chief natural resources of each.