School Waste Reduction Challenge

Support your EcoSchools goals and reduce waste by hosting a Waste Reduction Challenge at your school!

The Challenge:

  1. Discover opportunities to reduce waste by conducting a curriculum-linked school waste audit.
  2. Register your school for the Waste Reduction Challenge so that you can input your findings and results on line.
  3. Based on your waste audit findings, get students to identify what activities will help decrease waste.  Our website is full of ideas on how to do this.  Also, you can check out what other participating schools are doing and share you ideas and successes as well.
  4. Make a plan to implement suggested changes through the school year.
  5. Do a follow-up waste audit (during April – Earth Month) to see how actions have had an impact on the amount of waste created at school.
  6. Input findings and results!

All schools will receive recognition for their waste reduction efforts.