This Year’s Theme

Food Waste

Close to half of the food in Canada is wasted because it goes rotten or is thrown out. This occurs at all different levels including processing, transportation, grocery stores and kitchens; wasting money, time and energy.

The Recycle Rangers are here to help you avoid food waste. We will be visiting schools and talking about how food waste can be avoided in the classroom. Get started and check out our Food Waste Resources. Remember … finish what you start or save it for later!

Previous Themes:

Electronics Recycling

Waste electronics (e-waste) are the fastest growing segment in the solid waste stream in Ontario. Luckily, upwards of 90% of the parts that create these electronic products can be recycled.

However, in order for e-waste to be recycled properly it needs to find its way to approved electronics processing facilities. Electronics processing facilities are monitored and certified by the Ontario Electronics Stewardship (OES).

The world of safe, electronics recycling can be confusing. So let us help you get started with a complete listing of municipal electronics recycling drop-off locations and electronics recycling resources for the classroom. Check out our Electronics Recycling Resources.

School Composting

Research has shown that 40% of the waste going into the garbage at schools could be composted.

However, for many schools developing and maintaining an on-site school composting system seems daunting to teachers, administrators and students alike. So let us help you get started, with our easy to use Composting Resources.